What I learnt about in inquiry term 3

In inquiry I learnt about federation and democracy and about the gold rush and how the miners got treated and how they needed license and how the miners had a fight between the the people who were treating them bad and that when the Eureka stockade began.

I also learnt how the government wouldn’t let aboriginal people vote or women vote or even miners vote. When the women started to protest about having a say and being able to vote the government got angry and put some of them in gaol.

When we went to the parliament house, I learnt that there are two rooms. There’s the green room which is the lower house and there’s the red room which is the upper house. In the lower house (the green room), they start the bill and if the bill is good it goes to the upper house (red room).Politicians sit in parliament for only 52 days and it sometime goes from 9am to 11am or 12pm.

There are three levels of government  – first there’s federal, then state and then there’s local.

I learnt about some prime ministers of Australia and the politicians of Australia such as Joseph Cook and Edward Deakin and how they made an impact on Australia.

Democracy started when people were slaves in Greece and they didn’t like it so they fought to have a say and have some freedom.